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Inner Journeys to the Heart of Goddess:
Lesson One

Visit our Goddess-loving Ancestors

This extract of one lesson is from the course “Inner Journeys to the Heart of Goddess”, with Kathy Jones, Priestess of Avalon

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The full course allows you to take four guided Inner Journeys into the Heart of Goddess with Kathy Jones, one of the world’s leading Goddess teachers and creators.

You can read more about the full course by clicking the button below this text – Inner Journeys are a continuation of Kathy’s four presentations From Ancient Roots to the Present Day and can also be taken in their own rite. The course was first presented live on Zoom and is now available as a recording of the live events.

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Once you have signed up for the course, don’t forget to join the accompanying private Facebook group, ‘Goddess Conversations’, at the link below. Moderated by Kathy, this group is a space for deepening and sharing insights and understandings from your journey with this course, and with Goddess wisdom.

For this Journey have with you:

A comfortable quiet place to sit or lie down where you can hear the journey and be relaxed in your body.
Any drinks you might need.
A candle alight beside you.
A journal to record what you see and hear.